Reward-focused leaders are motivated by the idea that they can now pick and choose what to do based on what they like doing. Their motto might well be…

December 2022

If we treat any day as the new year day, we can always reset and do something differently.

November 2022

Many things in life fall into spectrums. More precisely, multi-dimensional spectrums.
10+ years ago, I asked a question on a forum: How to plan a trip? In the past 2 years, I have realized. I asked the wrong question.
Proactive distillation reduces accidental complexity inside a system.

October 2022

The rule of three is a magic pattern found in many things. I often apply this rule in three cases: three options, three chances, and three stages.

September 2022

Personal development is like training a ML model. Analog and metaphor help us connect what is new to what we know.
Writing is for readers. When I stop focusing on the imaginary reader, I have no reason to write.

July 2022

To me, the first rule as a software engineer is, respect the production. This rule sets my standard.
Listening is hard. Try this technique! It helps you focus on listening and put away judging and responding.

June 2022

Last Sunday, I spent one hour doing nothing. No screens, no sounds, and not sleeping. It reminds me of mindfulness.
Bicrement is a programming jargon that means adding 2 to a variable. If every effort I put in, I can increment the outcome by 2 instead of by 1, why…